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Headaches services offered in Greenwich, CT

Most people experience headaches several times a year, but if your headaches are frequent and affect your quality of life, get professional help right away. At Greenwich Pain & Spine in Greenwich, Connecticut, board-certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain management specialist Christian Whitney, DO, offers various treatments to relieve chronic headaches. Dr. Whitney’s knowledge of headache types and modern therapeutics ensures positive outcomes and lasting results. Call Greenwich Pain & Spine to schedule headache treatment, or book your appointment online today.

Headaches Q&A

How many types of headaches are there?

There are more than 100 types of headaches; they can all be categorized in two ways:

Primary headaches

These headaches occur due to overactivity of the pain centers in the brain. They’re often caused by genetics and/or lifestyle factors. Examples include cluster, tension, and migraine headaches.

Secondary headaches

These headaches occur due to an underlying health problem. In most cases, they go away after the condition is treated. Sinus headaches and dehydration headaches are examples of secondary headaches.

When should I see a doctor about headaches?

Headaches usually aren’t severe and improve with rest, hydration, and over-the-counter pain medication.

Contact Greenwich Pain & Spine if you regularly experience headaches, and they keep you from your routine. That’s especially true if the pain occurs alongside other symptoms, like nausea and/or double vision.

How does a pain management specialist diagnose headaches?

Dr. Whitney asks about your symptoms, including what your headaches feel like, how often they happen, and how long they last. He also asks about your lifestyle, including how much caffeine you drink daily, how much stress you have, and your sleep habits.

Answer Dr. Whitney’s questions as honestly as possible. Your responses help him identify the headache type and play a vital role in treatment.

After thoroughly assessing your symptoms and lifestyle, Dr. Whitney completes a physical exam. He orders blood tests and urinalysis and checks your blood pressure, balance, and heart rate to rule out underlying health problems.

Dr. Whitney then completes neurological tests, checking for nervous system disorders. He also orders an MRI or a CT scan to look for abnormal areas or problems.

How are headaches treated?

At Greenwich Pain & Spine, Dr. Whitney treats headaches with an integrative, minimally invasive approach. Depending on the type of headaches you experience, he might suggest:

  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Epidural steroid injection
  • Sympathetic nerve blocks
  • Trigger point injections
  • Occipital nerve blocks
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Stem cell injections
  • Occipital nerve stimulation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Ketamine infusions 

Most headache patients see the best results by combining treatment with healthy lifestyle changes. By managing your stress, improving your sleep habits, and eating better (in addition to working with Dr. Whitney), it’s possible to reduce the frequency of headaches.

Call Greenwich Pain & Spine to schedule headache treatment, or book your visit online today.